From in towards beyond                  finite          

In the beginning I like to make You aware of these record

Take Your heartkraft and blow Your mind

to free Your Soul! Time is only NOW!                   


I want to show something beyond the mainstream -> out there, so i recommend to investigate some time to see into Your self now.


*The appinions of any shared meanings linked here are not necessarrily those of the administrator of


It is of atvantage to always research names and things on Youtube

A few names and words I want everybody to search for     self-education:


George Kavassilas, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, David Icke, Dr. Alfred Weber, Exopolitics, Dave Corso, Duncan O`finion, Aaron Mc Collum, Stewart Serdlow, Jordan Maxwell, Dr. Brooks Agnew forbidden archiology, Rebecca Jernigan journeys with rebecca





existences are existences can't say nononono



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Visit in the first place:  George Kavassilas


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Pyramid-Technologie explained



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